Losing weight with coconut milk

We’ve heard our folks reminding us to avoid coconut milk because they’ve heard from others its’ fattening and high in cholesterol.This is just a myth. Probably a rumors by commercial industries who wants to sell their hydrogenated vegetable cooking oil to the public. I’ve personally seen a food seller with a tin of cooking oil which labels “Refined, bleached, and deodorized Palm Oil“. And we’re sitting there eating our food!.

For your information, vegetable oil will go rancid, it’s no joke these money minded business people add all sort of stuff in order to sell their products. These refined, bleached, deodorized will definitely cause our body to malfunction which leads to many kind of diseases such as cancer, heart disease and many more you can imagine.
If you really need to use cooking oil, use home made squeezed coconut oil instead. In the long run, you’ll save a lot in your medical fees.

USE coconut milk and DITCH your vegetable cooking oil!!

1) Helps lose weight
Pacific Islanders and other populations that consume an abundance of coconut oil are amazingly free from degenerative diseases so common in the west including heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetics.[Dr. David Williams] – also help in indigestion and high in antioxidant to help heal our body from dangerous free radicals that can degenerate cells. Also maintain our youthfulness such as premature aging, sagging skin, wrinkling, and bone problems.
2) Animal studies on coconut diet
In another experiment, lab animals were fed either a low-fat diet with pure unsaturated oil or a high-fat diet with pure coconut oil. The researchers found that while even small amounts of unsaturated fat caused weight gain, the animals that consumed coconut oil remained lean. This is because coconut oil increases the metabolic rate, which means whoever is consuming the oil will burn calories faster and lose weight (or stay
A real-life example of how coconut oil can elevate metabolic rates can be found in the people of the Yucatan. They consume high amounts of coconut as a staple food and their average metabolic rate is about 25 percent higher than that of people in the U.S.
3) Good fats vs Bad Fats
How can Virgin Coconut Oil boost your metabolism and promote weight loss?
It’s high in medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found patients lost weight when they included MCFA’s in their diet. In fact, when you compare a diet including olive oil or MCFA’s, it was found patients lost more weight using MCFA’s.
It’s high in lauric acid. Lauric acid is an MCFA so it will not only possibly help you lose weight (per the study above), but it’s also documented to have amazing antiviral, antibacterial, and antiprotozoal properties. In other words, it fights everything from the common cold to serious lipid-coated viruses such as HIV and herpes!
It may reduce your food cravings. When you add coconut oil into your diet, you’ll feel more full and eat fewer calories over all.
Learn more about what’s good fat and bad fats
Good Fat Bad Fat: Or How To Lose Weight By Eating Fat from FoodRenegade on Vimeo.
4) Boasting Immune System
Coconut milk will boost our immune system and fight off bacteria and germs, it can also help to strengthen the immune system by getting rid of stomach bacteria, flu, colds, sore throat and other illnesses.
5) Beauty products
Coconut milk are used for moisturizing, repairing and also healing our skin and hair. It’s especially good for those with dry hair and skin.Coconut milk is fattening a total myth! The real toxic is Vegetable cooking oil & trans fat in butter, cheese and other foods which leads to all kinds of problematic diseases.
Although coconut milk is high in saturated fat, its indeed an excellent source of nutrition for anybody who wants to lose weight. The fat mostly gets burnt as energy instead of storing in the body as fat. Coconut milk is highly nutritious, great for your bones, and helps to build up a strong immune system to fight off illness and disease.
Note: Squeeze your own coconut milk and you’ll get the most nutritious saturated fat for your body health.
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