Wang Jiayun unedited photo

Take a look at her unedited photo below
Every woman want to look beautiful. So does Wang Ji Yun with her edited photos looking too perfect for an ordinary chinese girl. Wang Jiayun, 王嘉韻, a 17 years old life size doll lookalike was born in Kowloon, Hong Kong and she’s living and studying in Shenzhen, China. Lately, she emerged as one of the most searched Chinese girl in the search engine especially among the major search portal in Korea and became an online celebrity overnight. Thanks to the magic touch of Photoshop a photo editing software. Netizens are also curious as debated over whether her photos are real or fake.
Her pictures were rapidly circulated over the Internet in forums and sites across China, Taiwan and Hong Kong and she was instantly labeled as the live action blow-up doll, standing at 64cm height and weighs 42kg.
Take a look at her edited photos vs her real face

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