Tsunami strike after japan earthquake

Japan earthquake crack

Crack left on earth
Earthquake in Japan today
11th March, 2011 – A 33ft tsunami in Japan today has reportedly killed at least 32 people as it swept over Japan’s northeastern coast after the country’s biggest earthquake in recorded history.
The 8.9 magnitude megaquake caused a huge wave that hit the port of Sendai city, sending ships crashing into the shore and carrying cars and buildings through streets.
It also rocked the capital, Tokyo, which was among the cities shaken by at least 19 subsequent aftershocks.
Mass evacuations are taking place after tsunami warnings were issued for the entire Pacific coast.

Photo: Google homepage on tsumami alert
The shocking visuals of the devastation caused by the 8.9-magnitude Japan earthquake continues to pour in on the internet. While Facebook, Twitter (#japan and #tsunami) and other social media platforms have been flooded with photos from people actually affected by the quake, users of the popular video sharing site YouTube have uploaded video footage giving viewers across the globe a glimpse into the first hand experience of the temblor.
Video of tsunami Japan

Here’s what it looked like inside a Japanese supermarket.

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