Most innovative toothbrush design

1) Brush and Rinse

2 in one brush and rinse toothbrush or “Fountain Toothbrush” innovative design from Amron Experimental. You don’t have to use a disposal cup or even glass to rinse your mouth from now on. Great for frequent travellers to minimize their luggage items.
2) 3 Sided Toothbrush

This 3 sided toothbrush with its brand name Dentrust Toothbrush has been proven more effective in fighting dental plaque and gum disease. With this design, 3 sided toothbrush, it’s benefit is to brush your teeth in 3 sides at the same time thus saving brushing time.
3) Musical Toothbrush

Enjoy your music while brushing teeth a great innovation for kids. With ToothTunes, children will follow the music to brush their teeth. The music length is about two minutes; it is just the ideal length of brushing time recommended by dentists.
4) Dispensing Toothbrush

OHSO design is one of the most innovative toothbrush i’ve seen so far, its great for people on the move.  The toothpaste is self dispensing and easily refillable by turning the handle one direction which creates a suction, bringing the toothpaste into the handle. There is a nozzle below the bristles that delivers toothpaste by turning the end cap the other way– and of course the top is a watertight cap which doubles as a rinsing cup. This is the MARKO model, but they also have a more feminine model they call DIVO, and another swanky model called the PRESTO. A movie accompanies the site showing the OHSO in action, which is helpful.
5) Upstanding Toothbrush

Feeling icky putting down your toothbrush on the sink or balance it up into a soap dish and after a few months bottom covers with dirt. For hygiene purpose DEWS Toothbrush by Ryan and Harc, have came up with an ergonomically designed brush that keeps standing upright and never tipples over. There are weights at the end of its rounded handle to create a centre of gravity at the handle base. When you set it down, it stays put for a second and then springs back upright. Tumble-doll-brush!

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