Kill it, Cook it, Eat it 4 – Pigs

I’ve always fascinated with vegetarian people who choose to avoid meat in their diet for as long as 10 to 15 years or probably their whole life. As for me, I can’t label myself as a full vegetarian yet because i still consume meat on special occasion. But after watching Kill it, Cook it, Eat it Part 4 – Pigs a BBC reality showing a few volunteers who practically experienced the whole process of birth of a piglet to being slaughter which ended up on their plate enlighten how i view my meat.
These animals are very much like human. They give birth, live, eat and drink just like us, play with their siblings, have parents and their meat are consist of muscle, flesh and blood just like us mankind. The only think different between human and animal is outlook or maybe our intelligence. At times, we think animals are just some dumb animals, therefore some choose to eat it. But this isn’t so, for eg: pigs are as intelligent as a dog!
Watch this video and decide for yourself whether these animals ought to be killed so that you can eat their meat.

Kill it, Cook it, Eat it 4 – Pigs from Paul Durgan on Vimeo.

Download the rest of the series here ( Kill it, Cook it, Eat it – Chicken Nuggets)
I don’t understand Mandarin but i’ve asked my hubby and here’s what he told me about this:
This guy he’s a pig farmer from taiwan and he gave all those left over food to feed to his pigs and injected them to make them grow fatter. This of co…urse also make him grow fatter to 120+ kg. He sells those pig to fetch higher price.
Now, once he switch to vegetarian he lose 35++ over kg off his weight and is still shedding some kg off. While he also change his pig’s diet to vegetables only. Apart from this, what astonish him was his pig’s wound / lumps also subsided without any medications.
Therefore, eating meat is not good for our body.
Now he keep those pigs as his pet instead of selling them..:P
In the end of this video, u can see all the pigs are much more healthier and slimmer

Another video from “Farm to Fridge”

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