How to sort dates in excel

How to sort if you have this type of dates format to ascending or descending
For example: Wednesday 03 Mar 2010
You need to highlight column A —> right click –>select Format Cells

Go to Format Cells

Type in dddd dd mmm yyyy
ddd will show Mon
dddd will show Monday- Sunday
dd will show date eg: 23
mmm will show Mar  and if you put mmmm will appear as March
yy will show 11 and yyyy will appear as 2011
Another example
1) If you custom Format Cells using dddd dd/mmm/yyyy
You will get Wednesday 03/Mar/2010
2) If you custom Format Cells using dddd dd-mmm-yyyy
You will get Wednesday 03-Mar-2010
3) ddd dd-mmm-yyyy
You will get Wed 03-Mar-2010
4) ddd dd mmm
You will get Wed 03 Mar
Now i want these dates to appear descending from Z to A

And if i want it to appear as ascending

If i remove the year in the custom format as ddd dd mmm
It will appear as this Fri 06 Mar

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