Finally solved my TNB tampering case

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Yup, they asked us to go to their office today at TNB Taman Melawati to discuss with us about our case.

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Finally got the letter from TNB

Letter from TNB – Pemakluman Semakan Meter Elektrik

We’re shocked to see all those people waiting to see the TNB officer were all Chinese. We waited quite long actually, appointment at 10.30 am waited for 30 mins only we’re called into his room.
Mr. F the Consultant does his job pretty good actually. Once we were seated, he asked us how? His “how” was referring whether we admit our wrong doing of tampering the electric meter or we don’t admit. If we don’t admit and refuse to pay for the amount RM801.88 then they will cut our electricity and will proceed this to the Civil court. He also added a court case might prolong and will incur court fees and other legal fees. And there might be chances the judge will order us to pay this same amount in the end plus other court fees.
During our discussion, he added sometimes unethical people will tamper their meter to reduce their meter charges or  a “ghost” could be the culprit for this reason. What the heck? A ghost? What does a ghost have to do with this electricity tampering?
We tried to defend ourselves by telling him the meter is installed outside and there is no way we can tamper with it and only our management had the keys. Then he start to tell us stories about a person who hired a killer to kill someone and the person who instruct will be liable for the offence. What he’s trying to say is we hired someone to do the meter tampering and although we didn’t touch the meter ourselves, we are still liable for the offence just like the scenario above. For god sake, we are innocent and what is he trying to say? Is he trying to accuse us?
They should go check with the condo management because only management had the keys not us the resident. He added he can’t because TNB had contract with us and not with management. Well, then we asked him how about sending TNB guy from the operation seal to check our meter yearly? He said that would incur a “fees” for checking. We asked him how much, he said he’s not in that department therefore he don’t have the telephone number for that department. Isn’t TNB branches have connection with other departments, if they don’t know the telephone or contact number then how we suppose to know? Their “I don’t know, i don’t care” attitude really not helpful at all!
We also asked them to show us how they calculated this amount of RM801.88. He said he can’t show us unless we proceed to the civil court only then they can show us all the calculations. Then he started to tell us about Anwar case saying Anwar can’t get any documents before court proceedings. So we are similar to his case?? He also added if we think it’s not fair, we can migrate to other country such as Singapore, because their rules are much stricter than here, Malaysia.
Finally, after merry go round discussion, he said we  have 2 choices
A) to pay
B) cut our meter and proceed to civil court.
Now, what choice is left for us?  Choice A, Pay lo…. by monthly installments, signed their letter. What can we do? We don’t know any law reasoning to defend our case. We need electric for our computers.
Well, God knows and we know we never do anything that is illegal in our life. Yet, we are accused just like that. What is happening to our country, Malaysia? Any lawyer here can fight this case and win?? i doubt so..
Update: He even show us the colour photo of our tampered meter with colors wire.. since i don’t even know what kind of wire is that and which is to which.. i can’t really describe it to you..
Update: 3/3/2011 – Since the TNB Consultant Mr. F couldn’t tell you who to contact or which number to call to request our yearly checking meter whether it’s been tamper or not.  I decided to call TNB back to check the procedure, fees, who to contact.
9.58 am called PKTE to ask for En. A the juruteknik, no in
10.30 am call again PKTE for any of his colleagues, everyone not in the office
11.00 am call again and customer service gave me another number for the manager En. AM in Midvalley, got in touch with his Personal Assistant for another Mr. D mobile phone number and into his voice mail ~sigh~ Finally, i sms him to ask for the fees involved for checking my meter yearly. Still no answer from him yet.
12.30 call up Melawati and ask them the procedures and fees. Told her when i spoke with the consultant yesterday En. F , he had no idea who should we contact or how and what numbers to call for a yearly checkup, he just said there are a fees involved coz it’s involved time, transport fees and etc. She told me very simple —-> Just head to downstairs customer service and lodge a report requesting for a yearly check on our meter. that’s all..
Imagine, i spent 2 hours just to check out the procedure to request for a simple yearly checking on my meter..And i still don’t know what’s the fees yet from my sms to Mr. D… ~sigh~

4 thoughts on “Finally solved my TNB tampering case

  1. Dear Rosamund,
    I am going thru this same dilemma now.
    What should I do? I bought the house without knowing the meter had been tampered. And after 2 years, the notice was sent and the meter was adjusted to its original. But i am paying for a crime i did not commit.
    Please advise.

    1. Hi MJ
      How much is urs? If it’s not more than 5k, then just pay it or else they will stop all ur electric and take you to court.. plus all the court fees ++..
      It can drag for long time for court case.
      We are paying for the crime we did not commit too.. just paid it and next time buy house “remember” to ask the TNB to check with the previous owner before u purchase the house.
      Expensive lesson eh..

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