11 tips and blogging mistakes of a corporate blogger

There are many different types of bloggers, differing not only in the type of content, but also in the way that content is delivered or written.
However, there are several tips on how to become a successful corporate blogger. As we all know, corporate blogging is totally different from a personal blog. Corporate blogging is for business purposes.These blogs are used internally to enhance communication and culture in a corporation and externally for marketing, branding or public relations purposes which we label as “corporate blogs”.
There are lessons to learnt from other corporate bloggers so as to avoid mistakes, it’s better to learn from mistakes of others.
1. Early birds gets the worm
Clearly define being a corporate blogger, one must be quick in obtaining latest informations and post often. No one likes to read stale blog post. Ideally is to post once a day or at least once a week.
2. Linkings to other website
Keep in mind a corporate blogger should always gives credit for photos or articles taken from other sites. This is to eliminate possibilities of being sued from other companies.
3. Conversational blog
Engage with your readers and more important to grow your (the company you’re working for) reputation. Get your readers to response to a giveaway or campaigns you’re running for examples competitions and this will increase words of mouth presence.
4. No roll back
Once a blogger push that submit button, million of people will read what you’ve just written (representing for your client’s company) and there is no turning back. That is the reason a corporate blogger need to be alert and responsible for his or her own words. If you make a mistake, the only thing you can do is to make an apology in your post and move on. Be cautious for your own post!
5. Better be late than sorry
A lot of bloggers feels the need to post when they get the latest update news or if they received an informations from unknown source. Its best to discuss with your managers whether he/she wants to include the rumours into the blog post. Skip rumours aside and report facts to avoid unnecessary problems from arising.
6. Do not mix politics and religions with corporate blogs
Mixing these topics into your corporate blog will bring you into hot soup or even behind the bars. Sensitive issues should be avoided at all cost.
7. Filter comments
At times you feel comments shouldn’t be filtered as this is a good way for your readers to know the real scene on what’s happening to the company you’re representing with. Being transparent is good, but in some case, this could lead to serious problems with those who are trying to sabotage a company’s reputation.
8. Avoid hearing your own voice
Often a company will hire a corporate blogger to be responsible for the whole blog management. This is not a good idea because this blog suppose to connect with readers, customers and whole world on a company’s brand and reputation. CEO, managers, executives and employees should take part as guest post on the blog.
9. Generating traffic
Most often companies perceived once they setup this blog, people will come and visit their blog and this will generate more traffic and leads for them. This intention isn’t true. To generate a good corporate blog with readers coming back for more you need to sincerely commit to your blog. Commitment and sincerely to bring in more traffic takes years or patience to build!
10.  Analyse your analytics
For every search your audience key into your search box, Google Analytic will pick up these keywords and this will let you know what your readers are looking for in your blog. You will also know where are they coming from eg: which country, which search engine and many more.
11. Build a brand
You need to build a brand where people feel comfortable in being part of it. Occasional posting of internal emails, jokes or reference to your past experiences will narrow up the gaps between your audience and the company brand you’re representing. By doing this, you will have loyal members feeling good about their association with their  brand experience with you.
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