Insulin stores fats

We’ve heard of insulin from relatives or friends who diagnosed with diabetic. But do we really know what’s the function or role of these insulin which have an impact to our weight problems? Let’s examine why our body grew fatter each day no matter how hard we try to starve ourselves. This is because insulin causes our body to store fat.
After we consume sweets, dairies, starches (white flour, whole wheat and bread), carbohydrate food, our pancreas will produce insulin to regulate or balance up glucose (sugar) level in our system. The more sugary food we eat, our pancreas then senses that the glucose level in the bloodstream is still too high and pumps out even more insulin and this causing fat storage instead of using it to burn as energy, because insulin “inhibit” fat loss.
Prolong high level of sugar diet will result in high blood sugar and high insulin levels, we’ll developed Type II Diabetic and likelihood would lead to other kind of sickness such as coronary heart disease, Alzheimer disease and cancer.
The most ideal diet is raw food diet with fresh locally grown vegetables and fruits, beans, seeds and nuts

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