DropBox Office Tour

Google’s office is awesome but there are more cool looking office from these start-up tech companies in the west. Take a look at DropBox Office.
Before you watch the tour, get to know what’s exactly is DropBox.
It’s a backup service that lets users install a Dropbox client onto 2 pcs which enable the contents of your Dropbox folder to synchronize automatically between them. There isn’t a need to recall to upload or download the latest copy. And if you’ve forgetten your thumbdrive or to burn that file to CD/DVD. The latest version of your file will be on any computer attached to your account, automatically.
What if you’ve accidentally deleted a file in your Dropbox. Not to worry, coz Dropbox website has the ability to revert back your file, simply login to the website, and locate the deleted files link. It keeps the revisions of you files so you can revert to an older copy, just go to the Dropbox website and click the little arrow next to your file and choose revisions. There you will see all the previous versions of your file.
There are more to it, you can even store pictures of your kids, friends, gatherings, into a folder, right click any folder in the Dropbox Photo folder and choose “View Gallery” and click on one and it starts a slideshow. On the gallery page there is a link that you can email or post on your website so other people can see the shared gallery and slideshow.
Sharing can be done easily between dropbox users, right click a folder in your dropbox and choose share and you can then invite another user to share it. Each and everyone can place their files into the folder and each have full access to the files. This will enable users to share, edit, delete, add files and so on.
What if you want to share with someone who doesn’t have a dropbox account? Easy, just drop the file in your “Public Folder”, right click and choose “Copy Public URL”. E-mail this link, or post it on your web page for people to use.

Take a look at Yelp Office too..

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