Sick dog abuser

In the chinese newspaper today.
Video of a chinese guy abusing a cute little dog is now circulating over Facebook.
The video can be viewed at here

Sushi the dog in English subtitle
It started where this chinese tattoo guy wanted to “trained” his girlfriends’ puppy (called “Sushi” how to stand up straight). But this is not the correct way to train you dog, mister! You don’t go and slap, punch, hit or swing your dog over the room.

It is not clear at this time where the abuse occurred although the person (Elsie) who uploaded the video says she found it in a “pendrive” in KLCC, Kuala Lumpur. Authority are trying to identify the abuser.
The SPCA is appealing for information on the man in the video (see pictures). Please call 6287 5355 ext 9 if you have any information.
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Is this guy really Sushi’s abuser?
Doreen Loo’s ex husband Champ Alan

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