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Readers in my blog might be curious where are all my Rachel Kum’s scandal photos which i blog some time ago. Well, Rachel representative contacted me recently and asked me to remove all her racy pictures from my blog. Which i am happily to remove for her because she’s a victim and now that she’s got her new cosmetic line Rachel K Cosmetics. She’ll definitely want to have a better image for her products.

Here’s her email sent to me with attachment of legal documents (which i can’t share with you here because it’s kinda private and confidential). However, i’ve checked the legal documents and they are genuine.
Summary of the content email sent to me are:-
Rachel Kum pursued a legal against Simbian Chua, for slandering and defaming Rachel in online websites, forums and blogs as was shown in the letter of apology by Simbian
It seems that Simbian Chua who was the one circulated Rachel’s personal, copyrighted pictures and info on the internet since June 2009. And those stories and pictures of Rachel Kum circulating on the net was maliciously kept and circulated by Simbian. This lead to Rachel taking a court action against Simbian from the Small Court Tribunal in Singapore on 11 December 2010. Now, most of the websites had removed Rachel’s postings.

An article from STOMP Singapore about Rachel’s lawsuit

Woman who leaked saucy photos apologises to Miss S’pore 2009 Rachel Kum
About Rachel K Cosmetics
Rachel K Cosmetics product line is the result of considerable research and the efforts of world-class cosmetic manufacturers. With our expert team of cosmetic chemists and state of the art cosmetic production facilities from USA, Korea and Japan, we manufacture only the finest cosmetic products of the highest quality available anywhere in the international marketplace.
Rachel K Cosmetics Ptd Ltd also offer personalized service, OEM with our business partners, choosing the right products, colours and formulations to suit their needs. Flexibility is the key to a successful line – with our wide range of products created specifically to suit our customer’s business and target market. Our business partners with their highly trained team of world class cosmetic chemists can formulate products to suit and extend any product range with versatility from skin care to beauty products and much more and we give our assurance and guarantee that our products are of the highest quality.
Rachel Kum’s Websites:
Personal Website
Company Website Blog

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