Fasha Sandha apologize for bikini pictures

Malay popular actress Fasha Sandha apologized for her bikini pictures which had been circulating over the internet.
Her sexy photos was actually leaked out from her friend’s Facebook which they took while on a holiday trip in Bali on 30th December 2010, with one of them showing Fasha, in a blue flora bikini, posing with an eagle.

Wearing bikini is not a big issue for other race except for Muslim
“In Islam, woman’s dignity is asserted and one way to obtain it is to protect her from any harm. One way to ensure that the dignity of women is partly done by the woman her self. Women are asked to wear respectful dresses that covers her beauty. The form of the dress is varied in some countries, they wear ((Abaya))as” long cloak” ,in other Islamic countries they wear jacket, shirts and long-maxi-skirts. The style it self is not important, what matters is that it should cover the whole body.”
Here’s her statement in Malay language in her twitter:

English translation of her statement:
To all my fans whom i love dearly. Yes it’s true these are photos of me in bikini and pario green skirt. Here, i would like to apologized because of my indecent clothing together with my 3 friends in Tanjung Benua Bali beach on 30th Dec. These photos was leaked out from internet blogs and it has become a big issue after my friend Syazwani uploaded into his Facebook. I’m deeply shameful and regretted from my act. Human are not perfect and can’t run away from making mistakes. Please accept my apology. Thank you.

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