Danger of electric massager

Who could have guess a harmless electrical massager could lead to such fatal accident. Maybe it’s best if we avoid giving such presents to our love ones, a teddy bear or a cup seems more appropriate and safer.
Michelle Ferrari-Gegerson, 37 year old doctor from Florida was strangled to death while using her electric neck massager on Christmas Eve.
Her husband, Kenneth Gegerson found her lying unconscious on the bedroom floor in their home in the Fort Lauderdale suburb of Parkland and called paramedics, who pronounced her dead.
According to Broward Sheriff’s authorities, Ferrari-Gegerson spent the evening wrapping gifts and getting ready for work while using the massager to relieve neck pain.
Paramedics found the neck massager on the floor next to the woman. Investigators believe the massager got tangled on her necklace and tightened it around her neck, causing her to lose consciousness and stop breathing.
Her death is believed to be accidental, but homicide investigators are withholding details about the massaging device until the investigation is complete, a sheriff’s spokesman said.
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