Delicious Replacement

There are many bookmarking management tools for you to import your delicious bookmarks using Diigo, Xmarks, Firefox, IE, Google bookmarks.
Delicious alternative bookmark management here

After comparing all, i choose Diigo
How to export Delicious bookmarks

Before you do anything, you need to export all your delicious bookmarks here
Then only go to Diigo.
Step by step how to import your delicious bookmarks to Diigo.
Register an account first in order to import.

Check out Lifehacker’s review
on Five Best Bookmark Management Tools

One thought on “Delicious Replacement

  1. You might like to take a look at as well ( It takes a slightly different approach to link sharing, but we think it’s worth a look when considering options (I am biased of course!).
    Happy replacement hunting,

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