phpBB3 Facebook Connect step by step

Have a look at the demo forum in this link
Step 1 – Download phpbb3
First download phpbb3 Full Package here
I’m manually installing it, therefore i create a new folder and rename it to forum and put my phpbb3.0.8 inside and install.
Here, i assume you know how to do the installation manually.
Step 2 – Obtaining facebook application key
Before we begin, you must create facebook application id & secret id from here
You will be asked this
Your account must be verified before you can take this action. Please verify your account by adding your mobile phone or credit card.
Currently they support (Malaysia User) Digi & Celcom, not maxis mobile number. So if you are a maxis user 012, then too bad..
If you are not maxis user then click on “credit card”, key in ur facebook password, then you will go to My Account page, select Mobile. Then you will see “Go to Facebook Mobile”
I don’t know why, last time it’s easier, now you have to subscribe to Facebook mobile to get notification from then only you get sms from facebook. If not mistaken they charge RM1,  so after you get the confirmation code for your create new application, then you can unsubscribe “facebook mobile”.
I guess you’ve already know how to get facebook application key.
After you get your Application ID & Application Secret Key from your newly created application from Facebook. Keep it because you will need to put these keys into your phpbb later.
Step 3 – Filezilla
Then you need a filezilla client to transfer your files to your phpbb. Believe me, with filezilla i can really see which file to overwrite, without it, i can’t install automod, maybe my eyes is playing
Step 4 – Automod
Then, download automod
I use automod to install my mod facebook connect because it’s really complicated to insert all those codes therefore with one click i can install my mod using automod. Less troublesome.
The right way to overwrite automod files after u extract this automod file from a zip.
Listen carefully here.
You will see 2 folders docs & upload folder in automod extracted zip
Now i want you to upload these files adm, develop, includes, install, language, store, umil and not entire Upload folder into your root where your index.php are..
now point your browser to
Now you can see automod installation.. go thru the steps
Step 5 – Umil
After you’ve done, it says here your umil file is outdated, you need a new one..
Download umil
and use filezilla to replace umil files in your root
Inside your latest umil downloaded zip, extract it and you will see 1 folder named “root”
Open it you will see umil
Now, open umil folder
You’ve got to put all these files into your umil folder inside your phpbb
Easy rite, thats why i use filezilla so that i can see clearly..
Step 6 – Using Automod to install Facebook Connect
Now inside your ur phpbb ACP you will have an automod tab
Go to this . Read the whole thing but after reading, it makes me blur.
So, what i did, i just download the facebook connect mod for phpbb
Upload & install this mod using your automod inside your ACP..
Purge the cache
Key in your facebook app id & secret key into your Board Setting
P/s For those who can’t logout is not with svmod code it’s your browser, clear your browser cache .
Backup your forum if you have important stuff in it..

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  1. I’ve checked with my own phpbb forum, it is accessible. You must have content inside your forum if you wanna use advanced search to find keywords in your forum. If you don’t have content then you can’t find any keywords

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