Little India Brickfields

Deepavali is just two days away and Hindus are preparing to celebrate this auspicious day getting all the delicacies food, new clothes, ready before the big day. As a 1Malaysian, i wouldn’t miss celebrating this year Deepavali, although i am a Chinese. In Malaysia, places we can buy all those murukku and laddu is at Jalan Masjid India and  Little India Brickfields.
To go to Jalan Masjid India, all you need is hop into a LRT train and stop at Masjid Jamek, walk to Leboh Ampang and you will see several stalls selling murrukku and laddu. I just bought 1 pack of Murrukku.
And to go to Little India in Brickfieds, you can either take the monorail to kl sentral or LRT train, there you can walk to Little India Brickfields.  You will notice lots of lamps, beautiful arches along the street.
You can even try Indian’s Banana Leaf rice at Restaurant Sri Kortumalai Pillayar at brickfieds, just along Little India. After you finish eating your banana leaf rice, remember to fold the leaf in half to show you have finish your meal and it’s consider polite this way. Oh, order a glass of teh tarik too, super delicious!

Restaurant Sri Kortumalai Pillayar

Banana Leaf Rice

And if you haven’t try laddu, you should try because it’s sweet and milky. It’s my 1st time eating laddu, awesome experience !

Assorted Laddu

These are laddus, i don’t remember the names..


These are all Murukku or kacang putih
Below are photos of Little India brickfields [Click each photos to enlarge]

Little India brickfields

Deepavali Murukku and cookies


Hand painting Inai

Dragon cookies for Deepavali?

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