Japanese bra for tourism

Nothing is more interesting than seeing a tour guide welcoming you in their talking under garment.
Triumph Japan showcase it’s talking bra for Japan Tourism with “Welcome to Japan”. The features of this talking bra display images of sightseeing spots and comes in 3 different languages, mainly English, Chinese and Korean. Equipped with 3 buttons on front of this garment to trigger audio greeting when buttons are pushed.

The most attractive ones are it’s short skirt attached to the dark blue outfit that flips up to reveal a map of Japan.

Unfortunately this bra is not for sale, Triumph hope to support Japan’s goal of attracting 30 million foreign tourists a year.
Promising a lingerie boost for the country’s hospitality industry, it said: “Identifying and making good use of abundant tourism assets that still remain untapped in Japan will contribute to stimulating the domestic economy.”
Triumph released the model as Japan hosts an Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit and weeks after Tokyo’s Haneda airport opened a new runway, an event Triumph honoured with a small aircraft attached to one bra strap.

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