Chinese Horoscope 2011 Ox

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Ox Chinese horoscope 2011 are Sturdy, earthy, no-nonsense – that’s the Ox. Affectionate and easy-going, the Ox can show a fierce temper when agitated. He is neat, tidy, quiet and studious, with a great love of his home. Music can be a great love. Family life and a loving partner are high on the Ox’s priorities. A wonderful loyal friend.
Forecast for 2011
The Ox will have grown quite a bit during 2010. Its whirlwind moments and sudden challenges meant the Ox had to adjust his thinking and change direction on a dime! Some may feel a bit low about the way things went and it’s important to look forward to 2011 and put 2010 firmly behind them. The Chinese Year of the Rabbit will be encouraging for the Ox. For those who wish to change their career or at least change the direction of it, February, March and September will bring exciting offers and progress.
Romance is highlighted in a very special way this year, with unattached Oxen finding themselves in exactly the right place at the right time to meet someone very special. For those in a relationship, this will strengthen and grow. June, July and October are wonderful months for love and romance. Friendship will be important during 2011. Whether the Ox is looking for new friends or drawing on friendships he already has, it’s important that he stays socially active. March, August and December will be particularly busy socially. The Ox should take time to ensure his diet is healthy and that he is taking time to exercise and spend time outdoors. Rest and relaxation will be  vital for all Oxen during the Year of the Rabbit.
Highlights of Ox Individual Years
1997 – You may run into many accidents. Stay away from risky endeavors including height. You may want to do a blood donation of checkup early.
1985 – You would have help from both friends and your superior. Your work would be fine. But your relations are weak.
1973 – You would be recognized by your superior and get promoted. If you are self-employed, you may have to work quite hard. There would not be much romance as you would spend most time at work.
1961 – You would get from your friends for developing your business. Your relation with your descendents tend to be weak.
1949 – You would have good relation with your subordinates and your younger generation people. You would spend time to help those younger ones to advance in their lives.
1937 – You would feel quiet and lonely at times. You would enjoy spiritual endeavors
Interesting Ox Facts:
Zodiac Stone: Aquamarine
Special Flower: Carnation
Best Hours: 1-3 am
Season: Winter
Horoscope Colors: Green, Yellow, Black

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