Tal.ki Forum widget

It takes less than 10 mins to install an embeddable forum plugin into your WordPress blog.
Tak.ki Forum – WordPress Plugin Download Page
Plugins are also available for:
Google sites, Drupal, Joomla, Yola, Weebly, Blogger and PBWorks.
Unlike any other forum, Tal.ki integrate with social sign in eg: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, OpenID, Myspace, AOL, WordPress, Windows Live ID, Blogger, Linkedin and myOpenID.
So, if you don’t have Facebook account, you can still sign in with your existing account using any one of these social integrations. Isn’t it cool?
This social connect eliminates the usual outdated way of unnecessary new member registrations. User no longer need to create new membership to access forum and to recall back their lost username or password ever again.
The Tal.ki Forum widget is really simple to add to your WordPress. Here are the steps:
1. Add Tal.ki plugin
2. Drag and drop the Tal.ki Forum widget.
3. You can sign in using your existing login for Facebook, Google, Yahoo or others, so there’s no need to create a new account.
For more information on how to install Tal.ki plugin into your wordpress, click here

Here’s a live demo of Tal.ki forum

The cons of Tal.ki forum

Current limitations (FREE version)

  • Topics: display the 15 most recently active topics
  • Replies: display the first 200 replies in every topic
  • Forums: limited to 5 forums
  • Unlimited posting
  • Unlimited members

Any topics and replies over the limits are still created and saved, and will be revealed when you upgrade. These limits only apply to the browsing of your forum.

What do you get when you upgrade?

Upgrading to talki pro gets you unlimited topics, posts and forums, as well as features such as image uploading, private forums and more!

Problem encountered in WordPress

For users who encountered Error after you’ve deleted and can’t seem to  reinstall Tal.ki forum into your wordpress plugin
Here’s what you can do to clear things up
Download Clean Options from WordPress Plugin site
First remove Tal.ki plugin and newly created Forum in your “Page”
Then follow the steps to totally remove the remaining Tal.ki files from your wordpress using Clean Options you have download earlier.
Go to you Admin Dashboard in WordPress, go to Plugin, click on Tools in Clean Options, click on “Find Orphaned Options”
Select all the “talki…” and click remove

After you have clean up all tal.ki files , you will have no problem re- installing your Tal.ki plugin back into your wordpress.

Download Tal.ki Now

AWS Case Study: Tal.ki Forums Take to the Cloud

Tal.ki, headquartered in San Francisco, California, is a service that enables users to create and embed a forum in an existing Web site. Forums grow faster on sites that employ Tal.ki versus traditional forum software, because Tal.ki allows forum participants to join simply by using their Facebook or Twitter login information. The team that developed Tal.ki has been enabling forums since 2007, and the software now powers over 100,000 forums across the Web. The Tal.ki Web site welcomes approximately 1 million visitors per month. (Read more here)

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