[Solved] Contactable jquery plugin in wordpress

Contactable jquery plugin or Magic contact in wordpress is a very nice feedback form using jquery sliding out from your left page.
For some who can’t get this plugin to display even after installing this Rejected Magic Contact plugin in their wordpress, it’s because of your <?php get_footer(); ?> in your theme’s index.php

Some themes use <?php get_footer(); ?> while some theme use <?php wp_footer(); ?>
To display you need to add <?php wp_footer(); ?> into your index.php of your theme you’re using now.
Place this code <?php wp_footer(); ?> below <?php get_footer(); ?>

I’ve customize my own by adding my Facebook & Twitter into this feedback form.
Check it out

You can download my own customized one here

Download Customized Version

All you need to change is to replace my name rosamundwo to your twitter user name and facebook user name in my.contactable.php
Update Oct 11,2010
To get this contactable to appear in all pages other than your main page in your wordpress, you will need to add in

 <div id="mycontactform"> </div>
into your Page.php  & also Single.php
after this line for example, see below
<?php the_content('<p>Read the rest of this page »</p>'); ?>
<div id="mycontactform"> </div>

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