Islamic Fashion Festival 2010

There had been some debate about Islamic Fashion Festival 2010 which took place recently in Jakarta and said to be too revealing.
The self-declared First Lady of Malaysia, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s wife Rosmah Mansor is being heavily criticized for promoting the recently held Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF), which Muslim groups have said was an insult to Islam and the Prophet.
This event caught people’s attention  especially those from social-networking site Facebook users, where the photo of one of the models wearing a revealing outfit which depicted a reverse image of the Prophet’s name in Arabic across the chest was widely circulated.”
For some people it’s consider too revealing while others aren’t so. And how revealing is for us to consider its’ revealing and how not revealing is not too revealing.
I’ve seen arab women covering their body and only showing a pair of eyes. While here in Malaysia, we wear kurung and kebaya revealing most of our face.
Fashion is style, trend and change. It’s not necessary one need to follow or wear this “revealing” clothes if one’s religion forbid from doing so.

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Take a look at the end of this video.. our PM and his wife dancing?!

5 thoughts on “Islamic Fashion Festival 2010

  1. the basic rule of islamic garments is to cover Muslims’ aurat. for women, they practically have to cover the whole body save for their face and their palms of hands. for men, the aurat is from their navel to knees. that is what Islam mean by not revealing.
    Even tight clothing is considered revealing because what is the point of covering your body from head to toe but people can still see your curves and everything.
    No, it doesnt have to be too big of clothing for Muslim to wear, Just not tight and follows the boundary of aurat.
    Some of the IFF clothings look ok, meaning, covering the aurat, and not tight, even very beautiful too. But other than that, it is literally a sin for Muslim to wear.
    Its not about changing the rules of Islam, its about adapting.
    IFF, they changes the rules. and that is their mistake.

  2. Salams,
    A nice post to read, thank you. As muslims we must remember that Islam teaches us many different qualities and aspects of our lives, but that we must also work to improve ourselves. A small change in ourselves can lead to a big change if others appreciate our efforts and follow.
    Many Thanks.

  3. ya allah..kalu mcm ni pmimpin kiterr macam mana nak hrpkan utk baiki rakyatnya kerna terang-terang nampak betapa sesatnya pmimpin ini..mreka yg menyokong maksiat maka tunggulah azab ALLAH yg bakal mnimpa..!

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