Human can be sly as a fox

Never judge a book by its’ cover.  A person’s outlook may at times appear deceiving. Human or a man are a combination of external and internal side. His external appearance may appear  as  someone who is nice, friendly, trustworthy but internally isn’t so. It takes some time for others to really get to know a person inside out. Once you’ve knew the inner side of him you would feel disgusted by his fake acting, manipulations, twist and turns, making up stories skills.
If you ask anyone about a man who create stories, twist and turn just to defend himself. I’d say this is a not “real man” . A real man is someone who will admit their mistakes and not a person who drag on and on creating stories to cover his mistakes. As a woman, i felt so disgusted by his act. He has no pride for himself.
What if i tell you that this sly exist in a condo and have access to your residence maintenance fund, keys, and everything? Can you rely on such person to take care of your house and your safety?

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