Hairy Crab Vending Machine in Nanjing

Get your hairy crabs from vending machine in Nanjing with much lower price 24 hours 7 days a week.
Hairy crabs are famous among chinese communities for its taste and rich flavours. During special occasions or festive season, consumer will feast on this special hairy crabs because of it’s expensive price. By offering hairy crabs in vending machine, everyone can enjoy this expensive food at an affordable price anytime they want.
Afraid they are not fresh enough? No worries. They are kept refrigerated at a temperate of 5 – 10 degrees Celsius, to keep them from going bad. Now, you can buy  at 10 – 50 yuan easily and more convenient.
This vending machine idea was invented by a company from Gaochun County who believes  by offering hairy crabs in a vending machine will cut down the cost making it more affordable.  To add more flavoring, vinegar are also available at the bottom compartment of the vending machine.

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