Disturb sleep by mobile phone call

photo credit: techgadgets.in
Have you any idea what time i woke up this morning? 4.50 am in the morning.
As far as i remember, i never set my alarm at 4.50 am, i don’t have any appointment today.
It was my mobile phone ringing and guess who is the caller? Someone i don’t even know.
I was so nice to answer his phone with my half asleep voice and he just said “Sorry” and hung up his phone.
Now, what am i going to do, my eyes is wide open now, i can’t sleep again, the mosque near my house had started their prayer over a loud speaker.
[Normally,  i wont’ hear their prayers if i am fast asleep, you see]
Everyone in my house is also awaken by my phone ringing.
So i had no choice but to call back the fella and tell him in my half chinese malay slang &  1/2 asleep voice “You tau sekarang pukul berapa ah? (translation: do you know what time izzit now?).
He answered me,”Sorry la, saya ingat you adik saya Adon” [translation: i thought you’re my brother Adon] and he hung up the phone straight away.
I called him again and told him do you know what time izzit now?. This time his wife answer the phone and hung up again.
So, i called again coz i wanted to tell him it’s very rude to hung my phone coz he had disturbed my sleep.
This time he hung on me again.  Fine… i don’t care and i am still awake, i don’t feel sleepy..
In fact this is not the 1st time i received his call at this hour. It’s twice already few months ago.
I am chinese and my praying time is dinner time, please be considerate when you wanna call people at that hour..
I hope this guy 019-3780079 will delete my phone number from his mobile phone or else i am afraid he will disturb my sleep again.

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