DNS hijack solution

ALERT to all internet users

There are some malicious malware or spyware or DNS hijack circulating around the net which access your router and redirect your DNS ip to some other ip in Russia.
At first, i thought it’s my Firefox problem but after checking it’s actually DNS hijacked!!
Thanks to sumwai from for this solution. Thanks dear..
Check your browser history for these ips
Other than that, your browser will redirect you to
This malicious DNS ip redirect to somewhere in Russia, so check if your router’s DNS ip appears as below:-
What you can do to remove this malicious hijack DNS ip is to change your DNS ip in your router & change your router password.
If it comes back again, you will need to reinstall your pc.
If you have no idea what’s your dns ip, check with your ISP

6 thoughts on “ DNS hijack solution

  1. Thank you so much. Had this problem on both computers on my home network. It resulted in one computer getting infected so I had to reinstall the OS. Then it appeared on the other one but I never opened the web sites on the this machine so it never got infected. Anyway, I found that my router had been set to use the DNS IP addresses above and was able to correct that. I think I’m OK now. Thanks again.

    1. I don’t think it comes from surfing websites. It must have come from .exe application which gave permission for the hijacker to hijack our computers. Till now, i have no idea which application .exe which lead to this …

  2. Hello! I am the owner of and I wanted to let you know that we are not responsible for the described problem.
    Someone redirects to a server which does not belong to us (via fake DNS servers). We are doing our very best to block it, however as these DNS servers are located in Russia and Ukraine, I am worried there is not much to be done.

  3. Ive got this same problem. it affected all my computers on my network and its a real pain in the you know what.
    What do we do to fix the faulty DNS virus location? Is there a default DNS we should use?

    1. If you’re using Dlink router, go to setup–>MANUAL INTERNET CONNECTION OPTIONS–>Primary DNS Address[change the ip here according to your country]
      and Secondary DNS Address [change the ip here according to your country]
      Pick 2 different DNS ip from the list below and include one in your Primary and another one in ur Secondary DNS ip
      You can find the list of countries dns ips here
      if you’re country not listed in that forum, then you need to check with your own ISP (Internet server provider)
      Make sure you have reinstall ur OS and then change the DNS ip, if you haven’t reinstall, they might be some exe application that gave permission for the hijacker to hijack ur pc again….

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