Wheel of Fortune on Facebook

The latest game on Facebook is Wheel of Fortune launched by GSN since August 15 this year had increased steadily to 23,080 of Monthly Active User and 7,429 of Active Daily User as at today.

Wheel of Fortune is so much similar to what i used to play during my younger days. What is the main attraction of this game is that you can invite your friends to play along, it create a multiplayer environment.
Player are given 5 turns to guess the puzzles after each spins and guessing consonants, player can also buy vowel after each spinning, using the Wheel Bucks cash accumulated from previous spinnings. Clues are also given to players and it consists of phrases. It can be challenging for first time player.
The player will be given 15 secs to spin, solve, or guess a letter. And players can purchase virtual currency (Wheel of Gold) to increase their chance of solving the puzzles.
According to sources, the developers states that Wheel Bucks could be traded in for cash prizes. however after much consideration, they seem to be having some difficulty in implementing this option. The game is new, therefore it just may not be active yet.

Newbie will find this game quite challenging and frustrating at first but you will get the hook of it. And let’s hope we will be able to trade this virtual cash into “real” cash.

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