Slow Food

Many of us will start to laugh with disbelief on the term “Slow Food”. It will send a signal to our brain defining slow food as either “eating very slow” just like a snail does,or serving food at a slow pace. This definately confused me when it was first introduced to me.

All the above aren’t exactly true how Slow Food are defined. Slow food is an international movement founded by Carlo Petrini back in 1989. His mission is to preserve the traditional and regional cuisines and promotes farming of local vegetables and fruits.
While fast food gives us the impression of fast paced modern lifestyles, slow food actually slow down the entire process of eating slow, chewing your food properly, eating local food and most importantly is agricultural sustainability to address many environmental and social concerns, also the entire food system.
Most fast food are quickly prepared food with low quality ingredients served with disposable packaging at franchised outlets. It’s low in nutritional value and usually consumer will just eat “on the run”. Usually contain high level of saturated fats, salt, sugar, transfat, msg, food additives which is bad for our health.

Health Benefits of Slow food

Slow food is way better than fast food in terms of it’s farming and cooking methods, slowly prepared and cooked foods with high nutritional value.Meats, Vegetables and fruits are delivered fresh from local producers, often organic, free from chemicals, pesticides and antibiotics. Thus maintaining the freshness and natural flavour of it’s food served.
Its whole idea of slow pace eating and chewing promotes better digestive versus fast food. Problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes can be improved from slow food.
By eating slowly, our weight will reduce tremendously. If we eat and chew slowly, spend more time on the table, most often we will feel full with less food.
Slow Food movement currently have 100,000 members in 132 countries.

CETDEM is organizing a Slow Food Organic Dinner in Malaysia style to celebrate their 25th Anniversary Fund Raising Dinner on 16th October, 2010 “Always Promoting Sustainable Development”
Attendance by donation only, RM200 and above per person.
Recipes are contributed by: Ecogreen Organic Restaurant, Woods Macrobiotics Sdn Bhd and Mohana Rosie Gill

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