Pillow tie

Few day ago, we are debating what’s the function of men’s tie. Other than looking smart and professional it doesn’t serve any purpose at all. Now with this creation, men could take a nap using their tie.

Imagine a tough day at work, with long meetings, uncomfortable chairs, and constant strains of patience. Now imagine having the ability to discreetly inflate your Tie and rest your head comfortably anywhere… literally, anywhere. This astonishing technological breakthrough is by far the most innovative advancement in history. What appears to be a very high quality, normal, silk Tie is actually a very high quality, Pillow-Tie. All you need to do is pop out a small valve on the backside of the tie, blow, and voila! Your Pillow awaits. Then pop the same valve out for a moment of deflation when you’re rested. PURE GENIOUS!

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