How to add MobStac into your wordpress blog

MobStac B! is an easy way for you to make your blog mobile-friendly in 2 easy steps and about 5 minutes and all for free. All you have to do is type the URL of your blog into a box and watch as MobStac does the rest. MobStac currently works with WordPress and Blogger and pretty much any platform that publishes a standard RSS or Atom feed.
So here are the “Top 10 Reasons You Should Use MobStac”

Here are steps by steps on how to setup Mobile version of your site on Mobstac:

Sign-up for your Mobstac blogger account – You will need to put an invite code for successful sign-up (Put TRAKINFAN)

Login to your email to activate your account by copying the link into your browser

You will see this after your account has been activated

Sign in to your MobStac Account

Now, key in your Blog URL and click “Scan”

Enter your URL (For Eg: and let Mobstac scan your site.

Next, download plugin into your wordpress

Key in your API Key and fill in your URL Link

How to add Cname record and make it point to mobstac

Now go to your Cpanel and find “Simple DNS Zone Editor” to add the Cname record and make it point to given URL

After you add cname and point to mobstac, you will see as below

Go to and you will see as below

So there you have it – The mobile version of your blog.

Things you need to configure

How to show full summary of your feeds
1) Go to you wordpress admin —> Reading—>For each article in a feed, show —> Show full text
2) Under your wordpress Settings  “Similar Post”—>go to Placement –>Output in RSS feeds: set to “No”–> Save Settings

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