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Everybody seem to have  a craze over twitter, the chinese community in China wanted to join the crowd of this microblogging trend but in a very different way, tweets their way in their own mother tongue’s language. Most of china and hong kong’s celebrities have registered themselves to this microblogging site
According to Alexa ranking, it’s ranked is now 17th place in the world and 4th within China.
I have registered myself too using Google translate because i am a “banana” (meaning mandarin language illiterate). It’s a pity i can’t read all those tweets but i can still see my favourite’s celebrities photos. Loading time can be slow at times during the peaks hours.

Celebrities in Weibo

You can find all the famous people organized by profession here:
ADuo –
Angelababy –
Backdorm Boys –
BDB Huan Yixin –
BDB Wei Wei –
Blue J –
Guo Jingming –
Michelle Reis –
Hei Ren –
He Jiong –
Huang Xiaoming –
Jacky Xue –
Jane Zhang –
Mark Chao –
MIC Group –
MIC Wang Hao –
MIC Xiao Xin –
Nicky Wu –
Top Combine Li Mao (Caesar) –
TC Liu Zhoucheng (Kenny) –
TC Ma Xueyang (Mars) –
TC Zhang Yuan (Bird) –
Vanness Wu –
Vicki Zhao Wei –
Wang Luodan –
Yu Haoming –
Yu Quan –
Zhang Yunjing (Jing) –
Zhoumi –
Zhu Zixiao –

Other reference on China’s twitter microblogging (Weibo 微博)

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