Automatic mahjong table

Anyone here knows about this automatic mahjong table or electric mahjong table? It’s already on sale since few years back. It’s definitely something new to me.

Photo credit: daylife
China’s Treyo Leisure and Entertainment Limited chairman Mao Ling poses for a photograph with an automatic mahjong table in Melbourne November 19, 2008. Treyo, with a factory in Hangzhou, southern China, makes mahjong tables that automatically shuffle and sort the game’s 144 tiles. It is one of only dozens of companies still in the queue of upcoming IPOs in Asian markets and among an even rarer group who claim to be “quietly confident” their listings will go ahead. Picture taken November 19, 2008.

This is how it works.

The automatic Mahjong works in a way that every tiles are magnetized and this creates an magnetic forces that pulls tiles to the ordered directions to be lay out onto a belt system where these magnetic force are placed.
A computer sensor are installed to count all mahjong tiles and are directed as follows.
When it has finished laying out all the tiles, a beeping sound will alert players and it’s ready for the game.

Players then press the START button at the middle from the table and tiles will rise above, upon pressing these buttons at the same time the games are started.
Check out the video

Key spec about this automatic mahjong table

  • Full-automatic mahjong table
  • Makes game more time saving, convenient and comfortable
  • Can do shuffling tiles and forming cards automatically instead of by hands
  • Two sets of cards were put into the table and needn’t wait for any minute during play
  • Low noise design to avoid disturbing neighbor even at night
  • Noise reduction sponge

How much does it cost?
RM2999 – RM5k++
More information on automatic mahjong table here

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