Pilgrimage to the west 2010 song

The most renowned mythical novel in China, “Journey to the West”, 新西遊記 (Xin Xi You Ji) also known as “Monkey King”, is a hit among Malaysian TV viewers. Not many people know some of these leading actors in this series.
Tang Seng (the monk) is played by Victor Chen, who is the younger brother of singer Kelly Chen and Peking opera actor Fei Yang is the Monkey King. The production is a joint venture of Zheng Jiang Yongle Film and TV Company and actress Fan Bingbing’s studio.
Here’s the ending theme song. Enjoy…

Sun Wu Kong played by Zhen-xiang Fei

Photo credit : Gxnews.com
Photo of Zhen-xiang Fei (Sun Wu Kong)
Photo of Fei Yang / Zhen-xiang Fei
Exclusive interview with Fei Yang

Tang Seng played by Victor Chen, he’s Kelly chen’s brother

Kwan yin is played by Joan Chen

Luo Yong Juan (罗永娟) as NeZha
Here’s her photo

“My Heart Will Not Change”-Ending Song – –
《我心不变》By: 谭晶 Tan Jin

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  1. I would like to hear the song of this show. It goes on like….?????………It was so nice to hear & there aren’t any further introduction on this show.

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