EasySnap Sachet—Squeeze it to the last drop

PACK Innovation Ltd. had secured the exclusive agency representation for Easypack Solutions of Bologna, Italy to market and promote EasySnap product in the UK and Ireland.
Years of technology and market research studies have given this new EASYSNAP sachet, a future to enter in all fields of application.

The sachet can be used with just one hand, bend it with “one hand” until it snaps open and the liquid of the product will rapidly release in a controlled manner without creating any mess.
The folding pressure creates the breaking of a film in the centre of the rigid backing and the liquid flows out progressively in a controlled manner. The more pressure given with two fingers, the more the product flows out without a mess and can be empty completely.
It’s suitable for ketchup, salad dressing, jam, butter/margarine, spread cheese, mustards, shampoo, liquid medication, cough mixture, ointments, baby products, toothpastes, hair conditioners, lotion and etc.

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