Tycoon sends jet to S'pore for durian purchase

THE Musang King durian from Malaysia is so delicious that Stanley Ho, Macau’s Gambling King had to send his personal jet to Singapore to purchase these “Musang King Durian” also known as “durian kunyit” or “Mao San Wong” (in cantonese).

Source reported that Ho’s worker wanted to buy 98 durians but only managed to get 88 as supply was low due to adverse weather.
China Press reported that Ho spent about RM4,800 worth (S$2,071) of the durian from the 818 Durian Stall in the island republic. In Singapore, the Musang King durian costs about RM38 (S$16.40) per kilo.
Ho also shared the king of fruits with his friend Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing by giving him 10 durians.

Durian Kunyit is believed to originate from Gua Musang. It is also known as Musang King Durian. It’s yellowish in color resembles kunyit (in Malay called turmeric) with a sweet taste. It has small seeds, and it’s texture is soft. This Musang King durian can reach as high as 3kg of weight for each durian. ?1kg of these durian’s price can peak as high as RM28 to Rm30 per kilogram. Each of these slice durian will cost about RM15 for 3 cloves.

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