Malaysia Banci 2010

This year census is a special one for me. Unlike previous years back when i was living my with parents my dad will answer all their questionnaire. Now living in  my own house i’ll have the chance to answer it myself.
Some residents aren’t cooperative enough to give out their personal information such as date of birth. Reason is because you will never know a thief hiding around the corner or perhaps your next door neighbour might overheard it. I find this very personal too though everyone seem to think it’s okay to share their date of birth and other personal information via Facebook. Isn’t it peculiar?
Other additional information which you won’t want to be overheard by a thief for eg:  Do you own a laptop, DVD player, Aircond, mobile phone, ipod, PDA, digital camera. Wonder what if a thief really overheard our conversation. Will the thief target that particular house?
I’ve visited our Malaysia very own e-census online form. In order to activate your registration, you will need to provide an ID by calling 1-800-88-7828. Personally, i feel rather troublesome if i need to call to get this ID. I really hope there will be one day where we can register by using email only instead of a phone call to get an ID.
Anyway, a few “pembanci” enumerator requested via Facebook’s Banci 2010 group comment for a mineral water daily after walking on the hot sun. Do you think this request is too much or they ought to provide for them? One bottle of mineral water per day i think it’s acceptable considering our weather is sunny and hot. What do you think?
I find this amusing after reading Facebook’s Banci 2010 group,  one of those “pembanci” (census staff) nearly bitten by a German Shepherd dog. Lots of stories being shared by these people from the census. About those upper society who are uncooperative or should say they are afraid their personal information leaked out and so on. At least now “we” know your hardwork and effort in getting your work done. Bravo!
Okay, now i know why they have to ask do we have ipod, internet, laptop and tech gadgets..

Here’s Facebook Banci 2010 group Link
And here’s their online e-census form Link
Census Information Link Download PDF

Lastly, their Banci 2010 song Link, i never know they have a song for it too

Banci Penduduk dan Perumahan Malaysia 2010/ Population and Housing Census of Malaysia 2010.
Tempoh Pembancian: 6 Jul. – 22 Ogos 2010/ Enumeration Period: 6 July – 22 Aug. 2010.
Kerjasama Anda Amat Diperlukan/ Your Cooperation is Highly Appreciated.

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