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What do you miss most in Malaysia?


As Malaysian, i have to admit we have so many delicious food over here. A number of my relatives and friends who migrated oversea for some time miss their favourite food here in Malaysia. Other than roti canai, nasi lemak, wantan mee, curry laksa as breakfast / lunch / dinner. We go for delicacies like Dim sum or snacks (as shown below made from glutinous flour).
Price for the below delicacies in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is between Rm0.40 – Rm0.60. However, prices varies between different states.

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Places to buy these Malaysian snack for breakfast

Location: Teratai wet market
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To buy these malaysian delicacies, you can visit your nearby morning wet market
You will have to reach there as early 7 am in order to choose your favourite food or else around 10.30 am, there won’t be any left. As for me, our nearest wet market is Teratai wet market [Google map] Teratai (Malay) = Lotus flower (English)

I can’t find my favourite Chai Kueh / Shredded Daikon Steamed Kueh so i headed to another wet market which is situated at Prima Setapak [Google map]
Inside prima setapak wet market, there were around 5 to 6 stalls selling varieties of snacks. Therefore we end up buying all these [see photos] in a day. We will need to skip our lunch and dinner today.
Had Fried Kuey Teow for breakfast at one of the coffee shop just opposite Prima Setapak wet market, it was simply delicious! Other stalls sell Hakka Mee and Sarawak mee, so if you enjoy one of these delicacies or want to try their delicious fried kuey teow with special sambal, come to Prima Setapak and try it yourself.

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Ang Ku Kueh or sometimes known as Red Tortoise Cake

It’s made from glutinous flour and when you bite it, it feel soft and sticky and oily

Ang ku (coconut filling)

Ang Ku

Ang ku (Red bean filling)
Many prefer red bean filling, its’ sweet and just the right taste for me

Chai Kueh / Shredded Daikon Steamed Kueh
Made from stir-fried turnip, jicama (also known locally as bangkuang) or (sengkuang) with dried small shrimp
Also made from glutinous flour and it’s sticky and a bit salty and crunch from jicama. It is my favourite among all these delicacies.

Pandan Kaya Puff
Crispy on the outer layer with pandan as filling. Pastry is light weighted and all in all, taste great.

Kaya puff

Malaysian Chinese Breakfast with red bean soup / red bean (tong shui)
Red bean or Azuki bean served with these light food is the best of the best.

Soft and sticky, covers with powdery flour, inner filling with peanuts and sugar.

Pandan Mochi stuff with peanuts

Tapioca Cake (also known as Kuih Bingka)

Made from tapioca and coconut milk
Taste and smells good from essence of coconut milk
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