Facebook tagging privacy

Are you a dress or are you a beg or an accessories?.
People tagged me into their products and this action has got to stop. It has invade my privacy (tagging privacy). Facebook seller should be considerate when tagging their items. Simply tagging people into their item where most of the time we hardly even notice unless there is an alert in our email.
At times, i wonder where do all these lovely dresses came from. They are selling each items at RM29 only. This is really cheaper than our branded retail stores in Malaysia where prices are around RM60-300 per piece.
Out of curiosity, i found a site selling exactly the same dress at a much cheaper price US4.88 which is equivalent to RM16.12. If you browse through their website, you will notice each items is way cheaper priced as low as US4.00, compared to those facebook user seller.

It’s expensive considering you purchase one item instead of 10 piece.
For example:-
Purchase from wholesale-dress.net
If you purchase 1 item

What if i purchase in bulk of 10 pieces

US72.16 divided by 10 pieces = USD7.216 (equivalent to RM23.83 per piece)
P/s You can get exactly the same dress at Ezytred.com in Klang, Malaysia for RM 20.50 only!!, even cheaper
– Vs –

Purchase from Facebook Seller RM29.00

Finally, why should you buy from facebook user? When you can buy in bulk which is cheaper in comparison.

  • Facebook seller Rm29 (per piece)
  • Purchase from wholesale-dress.net RM23.83 (per piece) (** if you buy 10 pieces in bulk)

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