Boyfriend of C Cup Hong Kong Girl Fights Back

Some of you watched via youtube a Hong Kong girl who scolded her ex-boyfriend who dumped her because of her boob’s size. After she took a supplement to increase her boobs size from A to C Cup, the girl created a video to scold her boyfriend. Prior to this, the ex-boyfriend decided to fight back.

Direct Translation
Hello everybody
I am Ng Ka Seng
I think everybody knows who am I
who is recently said that i couldn’t even pass with C grade in exam
I would like to thank netizen for your care
Everyone said i am a very bad guy
Yes, I admit
I tell you now, I would love to check it too, Check to see whether she really has C cup
And another thing, everyone might seem blur, that she’s holding something like this bottle
What is this?
I realise it can be sell
It’s call the Perfect “C”
England manufacturer, obviously is a breast enhancement and not a vitamin pills
And there is a instruction guide
Listen up
[clear throat]
Perfect ‘C’ is made from 100% natural herbs, minimum usage of 3 months you can enhancement your breast size.
Woah, after listening, i would like to buy some for my girlfriend
Aiya, if break up, will come up with a video in Youtube, bothering netizen
If you like to know where to buy? You can go to this website, then you will know where you can buy
Lastly, there is one thing that everyone in doubt on why previous video seem like an advertisement.
Yes, you’re right, you’re very intelligent
It’s an advertisement for Perfect C
Obviously, this is also an advertisement
Thanks for watching
Ah, there is one important thing
Everybody must remember, me Ng Ka Seng, definately is the 1st guy whois an ambassador for breast enhancement

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