Be a boss at RM99 per month

Become a boss by renting a box for RM99 per month.
MySquare provide boxes for their clients to showcase and sell their items.
How to get a box in box shop?
You can rent a box in the box shop then place your items for display and sell it plus an online shop too.
Box rental price are as low as RM99 per month (including online shop).
For more information, u can visit their shop in Sg. Wang, 1st Floor or contact them via

There are five different prices for the box. Rental fee for the lowest box is RM99 per month, plus one online shop.
Second lowest is RM250 per month and up to the top is RM300, RM350 and RM 200 for different level of the box.

When a seller rent a box in mySQAURE shop, their items will be displayed according to the package they applied.
After customer buy their items,mySquare will replace seller’s item if there still stocks left.
If seller want to change the product in the box, seller may updated we mySquare staff.
Seller can display their items as long as the box can fit it.
Terms and conditions:
Product stocking:
1. MySQUARE would provide basic stationary and would assist to decorate/arrange “the box” with every effort.
2. It is tenant sole responsibility to price the goods; our sales representative would provide professional opinions anticipating the tenant to achieve the highest profit.
3. MySQUARE will provide basic detail inventory list, code, tag and price for goods display as references. (on going development)
4. All transactions, including inventory and sales of goods will be recorded.
5. For any changes in selling price and/or inventory, we reserved to right to check your ID in order that you have the authority to make such changes.
Pick-up Services:
1. For tenants who sell their goods online, we could provide free pick-up service and collect payment on behalf with advance notice.
Monthly Fees and Advance Payment:
1. Advice the start and end day of rental; pre-pay the first month rent with 1 month security deposit. Eg. : if rental started on June 15th; tenant would have to pay the monthly rental from may 15th to July 14th plus a month security deposit (1 month); next month’s rental fee should be paid before the 14th of every month.
2. All rental payment shall be made by cash at MySQUARE outlet/store or advance post dated cheque are also accepted.
1. Tenant would have to provide a minimum of 30 days of cancellation or termination notice.
2. Upon due date, MySQUARE would provide merchant goods storage service up to 7 days; thereafter MySQUARE would confiscate all the goods as well as the security deposit; MySQUARE will not be responsible for any damage or lost of goods.
3. If MySQUARE have not received any cancellation or termination notice within 30 days prior to the due date, we would assume your continuation of rental.
4. Please ensure all rental payment is made prior due date; if payment is not received upon due date; we reserve the rights to confiscate all the tenant goods as well as the security deposit after the 7 days tenancy expiry grace period given.
Lost and Damage:
1. MySQUARE will take full responsible to take care of the goods within the store, except in the case of theft. MySQUARE will only compensate for any product lost after detail investigation and will only payback based on 50% of the selling price.
2. MySQUARE will not be responsible for any lost/ or damages due fire, flood, theft or any unforeseeable situation which affect the business to run in a normal circumstances.
Government Service Tax (GST):
1. It would the tenant sole responsibility to file their own GST to the government authorities. (If GST in imply)
2. We will provide sales record upon reuest.
Sales Record and Pay-out / Pay-back Policy:
1. Tenant may call or drop by at any of our MySQUARE store to inquire about the sales transaction.
2. MySQUARE would inform our tenant on their sales transaction upon tenant request, else tenant may check directly online.
3. All fund obtain from the transaction sales of goods will be pay-out to tenant on monthly basis. All payment back to tenant will made within 45 days.
4. Unless specified, MySQUARE will only make the payment back to tenant via cheque or bank transfer.
Prohibited Goods:
1. Counterfeit, dangerous and illegal products are strictly not permitted.
2. In the case where the tenants goods are prohibited to sell in MySQUARE store and tenant have no other goods to replace them, we will not refund the paid rent.
3. Tenant shall indemnify and save harmless MySQUARE from any and all liabilities damages, costs (including legal fees), fines, penalties, claims, suits and legal actions resulting from any trademark or copyright infringement or licensing breach.
4. If the sales or display of tenant goods causes MySQUARE to encounter any suits, fines, penalties, claims, damages, liabilities and legal actions, MySQUARE will not be liable and all prosecution shall be directed to tenant.
5. Tenant should bear full responsibility and losses if any prohibited goods display in MySQUARE being confiscate by local authority as by law.
MySQUARE Rights:
1. We reserve all rights to revise the above terms and conditions
2. All explanation of the above terms and conditions are to be finalize by MySQUARE.
Notes: Now the term and condition is temporarily and may change. For more information, please come our shop in Sungei Wang Plaza tomorrow.

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