Book Review: Delivering Happiness – A Path To Profits, Passion, And Purpose

Everything that you set out to do, you must do it with passion and with a purpose in mind which will eventually lead to greater achievements.: Delivering Happiness. Particularly in the service industry, people tend to measure KPI’s over personalize customer service. In this book, Tony Hsieh describe about Zappos’s core values being apply in work and in personal lives. He also wrote on how to make sure hiring process are done correctly following these core values to avoid making the same mistakes in his previous company, LinkExchange.
Beginning with brilliant idea on how to do things smarter than the average kid of his age, he shares about his mistakes and how he nearly ran out of money and having to took out his own money into the company to keep it afloat.And he also shares with us on how he learnt the mistakes of outsourcing the most important part of his business to outsiders.
Next comes the core values shown by co-workers on how to deliver WOW through service and creating fun and a little weirdness. Readers will be able to tell the difference from a lot of companies judging from their value of being fun and little weird vs the big companies that feel corporate and boring. Finally, what i like best about his book is his top 10 Question to ask when looking for investors and Board Members because it’s a true fact that one could get fired by his own investors!. Apart from that, who would have guess the reason Amazon acquired Zappos or Zappos sells to Amazon.
Additional points worth mentioning are the inclusion of the recommended books worth reading about the importance of strong culture and core values, and some tip on how to cope with fear and enjoy public speaking on stage. At the end of this book, Tony Hsieh pointed out what is “Delivering Happiness” all about, he also outline a happiness framework guideline and the parallels of a great business and happiness integration to guide readers through his experiences and steps you should take to increase your happiness, your employee’s happiness, your customer happiness. This book are available for purchase from amazon website.
An enjoyable and informative book, Delivering Happiness – A Path To Profits, Passion, And Purpose a great book describing what is the true meaning of happiness being delivered to other people and ourselves and also why it is an important aspect in business environment. Your perspective of happiness will change after reading this book. Tony Hsieh did a great job writing this book especially without the help of a ghostwriter and i enjoyed reading his book over and over again as a life lesson.

Tony Hsieh of Zappos advice on entrepreneurship

loiclemeur — May 17, 2010 — Tony Hsieh is about to release the “Delivering Happiness” book and gives us a preview and his advice on how to start a business and create a culture for your company so that it has a higher goal than just business

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