Malaysian Celebrities Facebook

List of Malaysian and international celebrities with their Facebook account.
If you bump into any of these local artiste, chances are  i am sure you are able to recognize them but not their names. Here, i’ve created a list of Malaysian artiste and also a few international ones together with their Facebook account. As Malaysian, let’s give our support to local production!. Hopefully they will produce more Cantonese version of movies and dramas, because some people like me can’t understand mandarin.
Danell Lee
Mei Sim!/profile.php?id=525791046

rickman chia
Rickman Chia!/profile.php?id=537273470
Desmond Tey!/profile.php?id=1251186664
Kyo Chen Chongwei
Kyo Chen Chongwei
Melvin Sia
Johnson Wee
Johnson Wee (Ah John)!/profile.php?id=1526955589
Cheryl Lee Xin Yi
Cheryl Lee Xin Yi
Dylan Liong
Dylan Liong!/profile.php?id=1004753154
Alvin Wong
Alvin Wong!/alvin.bird
Elvanna Raine
Elvanna Raine
Gary Yap
Gary Yap
Monday Kang
Monday Kang
Chris Kho
Chris Kho!/chris87n2
MayJune Tan
MayJune Tan!/profile.php?id=516758009&ref=ts
Hishiko Meow
Hishiko Meow!/profile.php?id=100000357542531&ref=ts
Ken Kean Tan
Ken-Kean Tan
Owen Yap Khiam Hong
Owen Yap Khiam Hong!/profile.php?id=587297885
Jeffrey Cheng
Jeffrey Cheng!/profile.php?id=522335773
Hui Tien Tan Orange
Hui Tien Tan Orange!/profile.php?id=644380363
William San
William San!/profile.php?id=834308344
Steve Yap
Steve Yap!/profile.php?id=521445269
Chong Jin Siang
Chong Jin Siang
Chris Tong
Chris Tong
Tiffany Leong
Tiffany Leong
Soo Wincci
Soo Wincci!/soowincci
Kelvin Liew
Kelvin Liew!/profile.php?id=607592901
Miau Lim Ching Miau
Miau Lim Ching Miau!/miaulim
Frederick Lee
Frederick Lee!/profile.php?id=527820184
Leslie Chai
Leslie Chai
Zoee Tan
Zoee Tan!/profile.php?id=100000437820409
Henley Hii
Henley Hii
Wawashushi Daniel
Wawashushi Daniel
Yun Wah Chong
Yun Wah Chong!/greenapple.samchong
Candy Cheah Wan Theng
Candy Cheah!/profile.php?id=528140999
MengHui Ng
June Ng Meng Hui!/jane.menghui
Jiaqi Tiang
Jiaqi Tiang
Hoong Jia Hui
Hoong Jia Hui!/profile.php?id=677433913
Candy Ice
Candy Ice!/profile.php?id=1127781548
Vick Teo
Vick Teo!/vickteo
Yhan Monday
Yhan Monday!/mondayism
Aric Ho Chee Kin
Aric Ho Chee Kin!/profile.php?id=1320707594
Nick Chung Seng Chong
Nick Chung Seng Chong!/nickchungdun
Stella Chung
Stella Chung!/profile.php?id=1010215673
Baki Zainal
Baki Zainal!/bakizainal
Auguste Kwan
Auguste Kwan!/AugusteKwan
Yoon Ng
Yoon Ng
Belinda Chee
Belinda Chee
Amelia Chen
Amelia Chen!/amelia.chen
Angel Wong
Angel Wong!/awling
Apple Hong
Apple Hong!/profile.php?id=657112545

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