Malaysia Daylight Snatch Thiefs

Snatch thief is common in Malaysia. I’ve heard of friends, relatives, and family member encountered this incident before. Some alive and some were dead either got stabbed or knocked onto stones along the road. This video show how a woman climbed up the gate to avoid being snatched. Unfortunately, who would have guess the thief climbed over the gate as well and pointed a parang (long knife) at her and threaten her to give up her belongings. Those thieves are getting more and more daring, they robbed even in broad daylight!

Locals and foreigners should be alert while walking along the street, it’s advisable to avoid wearing expensive jewellery such as gold necklace, gold earrings, gold bracelet while you’re out on the street for prevention against any mishap. It depends on the attractiveness of your valuables, some thieves prefer gadgets eg: camera, phones or laptop.
Never sling your bag across your shoulder, you could be drag miles when they snatch yours!
[Click photo to enlarge]
[Click photo to enlarge]
Watch the video  – Snatch thief at Jalan Ipoh

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