Expand Network Using New Google Follow Finder

Just now i blog about Google add Twitter timeline , later they came out with another new feature called “Google Follow Finder” to help user expand networks. Sounds great!
With Google Follow Finder, all you need is to enter your Twitter account name and you’ll see a list of people you might be interested in following. You can also get interesting suggestions by entering other Twitter user names. Here’s what it looks like:
[Click photo to enlarge]

Let say you want to follow anyone from that list, you can just click “Follow on Twitter” log in, and they’ll be added to your following list in Twitter.
I wonder how do they know those are the peoples that i should follow.
According to Googleblog…..
“The lists in Google Follow Finder are generated using public following and follower lists on Twitter. For example, if you follow CNN and the New York Times on Twitter, and most people who follow CNN and the New York Times also tend to follow TIME, we’ll suggest TIME as a “Tweep you might like.” The list of “Tweeps with similar followers” is simply a list of accounts with similar follower lists to yours.”
Source: Googleblog

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