Choosing healthy food at events and seminars

Recently i attended several events with FREE food or drinks or both. These events are BarcampKLYCM CEO Series 22: Jason Lo, CEO of Tune Talk, Entrepreneur Success Circle, Cradle Info-Talk: Cradle’s Pre-Seed & Seed Grants, and tomorrow going to attend 40th Annual General Meeting (AGM) for Carlsberg with free flow of beer. Next few days going for 3 more events.
Entrepreneur Success Circle. Ahmad Izham Omar, CEO of 8TV
Young Corporate Malaysians Jason Lo – Tune Talk CEO
Check out Jason Lo’s video for this event
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These events are great way for networking and getting to know more “new” people apart from your circle of friends and you will get a closer look at celebrities and CEOs about their life, their experiences and much more…
Most of the event comes with food and drinks. I guess adding more people into your network, means adding more fats into your waistline.
There is no way to go on a diet if your calender is full of upcoming events especially in the month of April.
Tips on how to choose healthy food at events
1) Choose fried vermicelli instead of those thick yellow noodles (don’t have any choice and i bet these vermicelli is cooked with MSG or else it won’t taste good)
2) Drink plain room temperature water instead of ice water/tea/coffee/flavouring fruit juice
3) Go for lots of vegetables (omit the mayo dressing)
4) Consume more fruits eg: watermelon, honeydew,papaya
5) If you spot any cakes and ice cream, don’t even think of touching those because it will add on to your waistline
6) If you need to take rice, choose plain rice instead of oily rice
7) Rice usually goes with meat, you can choose vege over meat (normally everyone will go for the meat dishes!) Not everyone can resist meat!? Can you?

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