The Most Expensive Subway Bread

First of all i don’t feel like blogging this issue in my blog, but my dear said it’s important to let people know about it. I agree with him.
Okay, the story begins when i went out to purchase my grocery. Took the LRT to KLCC to have my breakfast at the nearest Subway Restaurant and ordered a Subway VegeDelight.
It was very early and i was the only customer at that time.
She asked me what’s my choice of bread since they have Parmesan, Wholemeal, Honey and etc. So i told her that i wanted a Wholemeal bread. But since they don’t have wholemeal or parmesan so i have no choice but to choose the plain bread “roti kosong” instead. She filled my bread with vege, olive, onion, tomatoes, and the rest of the healthy veges and i opt for oil & vinegar.
Okay after she had wrapped my VegeDelight bread nicely. She moved on to the cash register.
The total of the VegeDelight is RM6.90 I gave her RM50
She gives me back Rm33.00
When i received back my Rm33.00 i felt weird. How come it’s short of RM10.10.
So, I asked her to give me the receipt. She gave me. [She pretended nothing happened)
I looked at the receipt and feeling so odd (and blur about my maths calculation skill), i pointed to the total amount in my receipt.
Sigh!..Do you know what? She gave me back RM0.10 only??! (more doubtful about my maths skill)
[Begin to wonder what about my RM10.00?]
Yet, she pretend nothing happen…
Finally, i had to voice out. There is a short of RM10. She said “Oh” and gave me back RM10.00

Where to complain in KLCC

Locate the Concierge desk at Concourse level @ KLCC. Request for a complain form and fill up your dissatisfaction. They are very well mannered and will assist you.
I lodged a complaint by filling up the complaint form and one of those officer took me back to KLCC food court and informed the foodcourt supervisor about this problem. Then, together we went back to Subway outlet and verify the issue. She admitted her fault and apologize to me.
Is she doing that on purpose or is she day dreaming?
Well, if something like this happen to you, now you know where to go to file your complain..

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