The 20th century wife

After much debate in a forum over my Do’s and don’t of a wife’s role in marriage, I found out that majority of female/wife/woman still stand strong to support for gender equality.
The Theory of  [Women = Men]
Our modern society define a “modern woman” should have these qualities in her:
*  Strong
* Independent
* Self-sufficient
* Reasonable
* Ambitious
* Making career
* Competing with men
An article which i found in the net sounds hilarious, she sets a current guideline for these modern women.
1.) No matter what, YOU ARE ALWAYS RIGHT!
2.) When you feel like you have nagged too much, always remember, there is no such thing as too much.
3.) When he walks through the door after a hard days work and asks for a hot meal, (As if you had nothing better to do all day) hand over the macaroni and cheese and the carton of milk but don’t feel guilty! Believe me, you have already done way too much.
4.) When he asks you to wash his shirt the second you walk in the door from work, after he’s been home for eight and a half hours straight playing video games, take his shirt, smile, and spray it with febreeze.
5.) When his friends are over for Monday night football and he requests snacks, stroll on over to the kitchen and grab that bag of stale nacho chips that you have been waiting to get rid of, and the jar of store brand salsa that has been expired for three months. Trust me, they won’t even notice.
6.) And last but not least, when he complains about having to watch the kids for one hour so that you can take a bubble bath, which is sadly, one of the few true joys left in your life, gently remind him of those ten glorious hours of excruciating pain that you endured bearing HIS children!
No wonder our divorce rate in Malaysia is getting higher.
Divorce statistics in Malaysia

The key to a happy marriage is that both the husband (lovingly) and wife (being submissive) have to take responsibility and do his/her part irrespective of the other!!! (source:

Personally, i don’t think this gender equality as a solution to a happy marriage. Man and woman is so different, they have their own responsibiliy and we woman will have our own responsibility. You can’t push a man to share 50% of your housework unless he willingly offer to “assist” his wife.

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  1. Personally, what makes a marriage work is not so much about equality BUT PARTNERSHIP. I champion being treated as a partner NOT as an equal. Before you think that they are the same – think again.

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