Reverse Vending Machines

What crosses our mind when people mentioned vending machine? A dispensers.. of course, feed it with money and it drops your chosen snacks or drinks.
Have a look at below link to Japanese awesome vending machines. I’ve never seen one in my country yet, Malaysia.
Japanese and Vending Machines

Reverse Vending Machine

We have advanced and more and more products are being sold in our market in the form of styrofoam, plastic, glass, aluminium.
And we had created a big problem to our environment. But how are we suppose to help clean it up?
By following the 3R

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

There are people who litter as though the world is theirs. In reality, we’re sharing the Earth together. If they won’t throw their rubbish into the right hole. We have no choice but to invent a technology called “Reverse Vending Machines”.  A Reverse Vending Machine act the opposites, it takes your stuff and in exchange refund coins to you.
Reverse Vending Machines are a great component to protect our environment, as this encourage people to recycle their plastic, aluminium and glass drink containers once they’re finished with them.
Statistics shown the amount of waste is increasing therefore  it is important to create awareness to reduce it.

In Malaysia, with the population jump forecast at 2.4 percent or 600,000 a year (since 1994) more solid wastes was expected to be produced, reducing the life span of the garbage disposal dumps.
The scenario was further worsened with the statistics that showed 113 of the 289 garbage disposal sites in the country were no longer operating. Most of them were waiting for ‘decomissioning’.

Therefore, Malaysian should do their part in recycling.
“We have a long way to go in waste management when you compare with countries like Germany, Singapore and Japan,’’ said president of the Environmental Protection Society Malaysia Nithi Nesadurai.
“That’s because Malaysians’ civic conscious level is very low. Awareness is there, yet people still litter. Perhaps a change in attitude will only come with a penalty,’’ Nithi said.
Will a reverse vending machine help to attract more people into recycling in the long run, in return for cash? And will our government purchase such machines to help curb these problem?
reverse vending machine

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