How to be slim and healthy

When i go out for shopping or window shopping, the only fast food that i will visit is Subway. Why Subway and not other fast food outlet like KFC, MacDonald, Nando’s chicken, sushi, and others? First, i don’t want to eat chicken meat, beef meat, prawn, pork or even fried fish meat), i only take steam fish. The reason why i don’t consume these meat is first of all it’s not healthy, they contain lots of FATS (unhealthy fats), bad cholestrol that will make you grow from a cat size to a cow size, plus fried food causes cancer.Why are these poultry loaded with fats, because they are corn fed (genetically modified corn). Feeding poultry with corns will make them fat in the shortest time possible, and they are rare in an environment which restrict their movements, which is why i said these animals are full of FATS!!
Some of you might be scratching your head thinking why i said sushi is not healthy? Well, it depends what you eat. Our sea water is polluted with garbage, plastic, chemicals and many other toxic from factories and mercury. Fish is being polluted with high level of mercury and once we eat fish, our body takes on these mercury toxic. So, when you eat sushi your body will be loaded with mercury!. In fact, we  need fish for their omega fatty acid, therefore it’s not advisable to eat so much of fish at one time.
Before i started this Ovo-Vegetarian diet, i ate the normal food like char keuy teow, prawn mee, hokkien mee, fried fish, KFC, mayo, chilli sauce, tomato sauce, milk, milk powder, milo, ice cream, dim sum, pork, cookies, cakes, nasi lemak, processed food, coke, candies, marjerin, butter, cheese, plastic mineral water, can drinks, fake vitamin drinks, pringles, cooking oil and many many others just like a normal human will usually eat.
When i climb up the staircase on my normal food diet, i had difficulty in breathing, gasping for air. By the way, i had high blood pressure. I think maybe is the cholestrol and fats from these normal food that everyone is consuming nowadays without any idea how dangerous those food will affect our body.
Avoid as much as possible those additives, preservative food, permitted colorings, MSG, emulsifier and food high in salt and sugar and food derived from animal substance.
Visit a supermarket and check out food without the above mentioned ingredients. You will be surprised to see 99% of food either in can, bottle, box or plastic will have these ingredients. That is why people are getting sick, fat, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer.
Only a few supermarket selling organic which they claimed is free from any harmful ingredients and animal product. The ones i usually visit are Midvalley (Carrefour, Cold storage), KLCC (Cold Storage) to buy my organic vege.
When you eliminate these animal products from your diet, you will become slimmer and healthier.
Being a vegetarian, you will need to study about vitamins, minerals, nutrients because if you don’t study about which food provides which nutrients, most probably you will fall sick, lack of energy and so on.
This book is very informative, it tells about different types of vitamins, mineral and nutrients from each food and fruits.
periplus mini cookbooks
Publisher: Periplus Mini Cookbooks (bought it from MPH Midvalley for RM11.90)
My diet as an Ovo-Vegetarian
+ Wholemeat bread (Adventist from Cold Storage KLCC/ Midvalley) -You may opt for Gardenia Wholemeal bread instead.
+ 2-3 almond (you can buy this at bakery shop without the salt)
+2-3 walnut
+ Organic Jam
+ Organic Soy Milk ( non Genetically Modified) or (non-GM)(There are many brands out there though)
+ Raw vege
(tips 1: raw vege contains more nutrients and vitamins than cooked ones)
(tips 2: always buy assorted colors for your vege eg: green, yellow, red, purple…..)
(tips 3: cut and wash each colours of your vege and eat it raw!)
(Do not steam or cook)
You can put a dash of sesame seed/ flaxseed/olive oil/ bragg apple cider to your raw vege
+ brown rice (1/2 cup of rice)
+some garlic, onions, shallots (cook together with the brown rice)
+ if you have tofu, you can steam it or you prefer to eat it raw?! (during 1st week, i omit tofu and fish totally)
( Normally, i can’t finish my lunch at one goal, so i will store it later, whenever i feel hungry, i will take the remaining)
Feeling hungry after lunch
+ a little bit of walnut and almond
+ whole meal bread
+ fruits (a fruit is a must each day)
– if you have 1 to 2 pieces of organic biscuits, you can take it (It’s very expensive) (omit this in 1st week)
– still hungry, then eat some vege (cucumber, lettuce, cabbage)
Whole meal bread or fruits.
( And, i lose 1kg in just 4 -5 days!)
2nd week, i will start to add fish 4 cm x 4cm (to obtain omega fatty acid), tofu, organic cookies, Biogreen Pre balance (to get vitamin B12) or eggs hard boiled (once every 2 weeks)
(caution: eggs and fish have saturated fats) that’s why you can’t eat it daily.
Learn to listen to your body. Your body will tell you when it’s hungry.
Once you’re on raw vege diet and omit animal products from your diet, your waistline, whole body will be slimmer. This is because raw vege diet washes your animal fats which stick to your whole body which makes you fat in the beginning. How many years have you consume animal products & harmful ingredients? I have consumed 31 years of animal fats and harmful ingredients, which will take me probably years to remove it from my body.
Biogreen Prebalance
Finally, daily exercise for at least 10-15 mins and getting vitamin D from sunlight is also important!
Watch this Food that kills from part 1 – part 6 and you will understand why you’re fat!

2 thoughts on “How to be slim and healthy

  1. Hi, thanks for commenting in my blog and sharing your concern with my readers.

    If you suggested that i don't eat anything, most probably i won't be able to blog anymore because i will be death.

    Water containing chlorine is an issue because it's bad for health but we have no choice, do we? i don't boil my water coz after boiling is “dead water”

    Yes, bread is made from flour which is genetically modified (GM) or genetically modified organism (GMO), you can choose to buy organic flour which is free from GM / GMO.

    As for steaming your fish, you can go to Carrefour and buy a stainless steel steamer which is quite reasonably price. Don't use wok.

    Soy bean is genetically modified but nowadays you can find organic soy milk which is free from GM. There are various brands out there.

    The air is very contaminated. This morning there are haze. At night time people are burning copper which releases toxic from outside my housing area. Cars releases toxic also. Open burning. All these causes lung cancer. What you can do to avoid being infected with all this germs, virus is to build up your immune system by eating the right kind of food.

    As for vege you can opt for organic free from pesticides, and for the poops, i am not sure whether they use vegetables waste/ animal waste (grass fed animal waste or corn / antibiotic waste from animal). This, you have to visit an organic farm and find out.

    Let us know what's the poop made of if you visit an organic farm one day.

    Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. Hi Tan

    Thanks for your comments. I am happy to receive a positive and also negative comments. Feel free to comments anything that you're not happy about my blog or information which i sincerely share with my readers.

    If the way my blog annoys you so much that you have to describe it as “cheap” i am deeply sorry.

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by.
    Could you kindly don't spam my blog please. i know your IP came from same person

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