Ex-girlfriend with new C cup

If you had mistreated your girlfriend for her figure, you will probably get an online revenge to embarass you. In this video, the girl proudly show her new breast size to her ex-boyfriend after she gets a new C-cup breasts.  He must have regret for breaking up with her in the first place for her AA-cup breasts.
She labeled her ex-boyfriend as a ‘cheap spirit’. She also added that he was okay with everything, but after a while he despise her for her small boobs size,  AA-cup breasts after they were together.

Translation from Cantonese to English
You cheap spirit, you listen carefully
Before together with you, everything you said okay
After we been together, you said everytime also pay for own food
Okay, i don’t mind that
But when you return home, you despise me and said i am AA cup breast and said my body figure not good and said want to break up.
Ka sing (name of the guy), today is 01/02/2010, we broken up 3 months already
I want to tell you, in this 3 months time, i have make a difference
Take a careful look
it’s C, take a look carefully, do you will regret? and want me back?
But sorry, you won’t have this opportunity
I won’t see you and also won’t let you touch this “C”
And also, from now onwards, you said i am arrogant
But you can never ever said that i don’t have figure
It’s C ah, even in your exam, you can’t get a C

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